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The Promise of AAM for Business Aviation

This year, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) showcased advanced air mobility (AAM) at its annual Business Aviation Conference and Expo (BACE). One such panel, moderated by Robin Reidel, McKinsey and Company, included Tim Arel of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Dan Dalton from Wisk, Dan Elwell of Elwell and Associates (representing Joby as a Board Member) and Oliver Reinhardt from Volocopter. The group highlighted the promise of AAM for the business aviation industry and society as a whole. This article synopsizes the discussion. (*Note – the words are those of the author and not verbatim).

Topics: National Business Aviation Association, NBAA, advanced air mobility, AAM, Business Aviation Conference and Expo, BACE, Robin Reidel, McKinsey and Company, Tim Arel, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Dan Dalton, Wisk, Dan Elwell, Elwell and Associates, Joby as a Board Member, Oliver Reinhardt, Volocopter, eVTOLs, autonomy, air taxis, airspace integration, mobility

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