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Law-Tech Connect Online 2024
Register (FREE) now to join us Tues May 14th, 9am MT | 11am ET

Register now for our special broadcast of the privacy panel from our 3rd Annual Law-Tech Connect Workshop at XPO24: The Other 3As: Airspace Awareness and Assessment. One bad incident with drones and air taxis can set these industries back years. How do we ensure the skies remain safe? Join this panel of airspace awareness experts as they discuss the technologies, laws, regulations, policies and best practices that all airspace users and protectors need to understand to safeguard the skies, and the people and facilities on the ground below them. Topics covered will include the legal and technical aspects of counter-drone, airspace situational awareness, air and ground risk analysis tools, in addition to lessons learned and best practices in this critical space. Sign up for access to this exclusive world premiere!

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