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Operationalizing the Defense Innovation Unit and Blue sUAS

In the realm of defense innovation, XPONENTIAL shined a spotlight on operationalizing DIU 3.0. A fireside chat discussion between Doug Beck, Director of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), and Courtney Albon of Defense News & C4ISRNet, dug deeply into how this initiative signals a significant shift in how defense leaders approach arming warfighters with the latest proven and mature commercial technologies. With an emphasis on expedited deployment as the landscape of warfare and security evolves, these innovations will address critical capability gaps to usher in a new era of defense readiness and effectiveness. Read on to learn more about the continuous evolution of DIU’s approach, from its inception through the future.

Topics: Defense Innovation Unit, Doug Beck, XPONENTIAL, Keynote, DIU 3.0 Strategy, Replicator, Blue UAS

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