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Ligado Soars Over Another Obstacle to 5G Domination

Updated: Apr 27

After almost two decades of controversial stops and starts, Ligado Networks continues to fly over all obstacles in its path to attaining full deployment of a nationwide mobile satellite system (MSS) for ancillary 5G terrestrial operations. On August 13th, 2020, it soared once again. A favorable General Accounting Office (GAO) ruling discounted Congressional allegations that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) skipped a key legal step before granting Ligado’s controversial application to deploy a low-power terrestrial nationwide network in the L-Band. This positions Ligado even closer to its target. Will continuing concerns about GPS interference ever be addressed?

Topics: Ligado Networks; mobile satellite system; MSS; 5G; ancillary terrestrial operations; General Accounting Office ruling; Congress; Federal Communications Commission; FCC; L-Band; GPS interference; The Congressional Review Act of 1996; 5 U.S.C. § 801;

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