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CPNT Go Time for USDOT: An Exclusive Interview with the PNT Director

Just five months ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research (DOT/OST-R), Volpe Center issued a 15-day quick-turn Request for Information (RFI), which was subsequently extended for an additional 15 days, to industry seeking feedback on the availability of operationally ready (Technical Readiness Level or TRL ≥ 8) complementary positioning navigation and timing (CPNT) technologies to meet critical infrastructure needs when GPS service is not available, degraded or disrupted. Now, has put out another relatively short-fuse formal Request for Quote (RFQ) to award multiple contracts to presumably some of the RFI-responsive companies. In this exclusive interview with OST-R’s Director for the Office of Positioning, Navigation and Timing & Spectrum Management Karen Van Dyke, Inside GNSS gleans some insights into the why and how of the latest CPNT developments.

Topics: GNSS, PNT, Volpe, complementary positioning navigation and timing, CPNT, DOT, RFI, RFQ, RDT&E

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