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Key Takeaways From Amsterdam Drone Week

Amsterdam Drone Week stands as a premier global forum for exchanging insights into existing air solutions, prospective innovations and critical regulatory matters. This year’s event, held between April 16-18 at the prestigious RAI Amsterdam, attracted over 3200 representatives from a diverse group of global major commercial and non-commercial stakeholders who gathered to collaboratively discuss the strategies needed to scale drone and air mobility services. The theme: global harmonization of regulation and infrastructure. Here are a few of the key takeaways.

Topics: Amsterdam Drone Week, ADW, drones, regulations, EASA, U-Space, FAA, UTM, NASA, eVTOL, BVLOS, EU, EU Drone Strategy 2.0, JARUS, SORA 3.0, airspace automation, ICAO, AAM Symposium

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