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Drones Mapping the Faces of America’s Buildings

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Buildings dot America’s landscape. Many contain facades, exterior architectural elements, often with esthetic features that structurally help resist weather, fire, thermal and acoustic threats. The popularity of facades continues to increase. Yahoo Finance expects the global facade system market to climb from about $314.4 billion last year to $441.8 billion by 2026. Business Market Insights projects the North American market will take a similar trajectory, from $38.3 billion in 2021 to $ 49.8 billion by 2028. Yet, ironically, facades can pose their own unique safety threats. Glass can break into small pieces, brick may loosen, corroded masonry or fractured terracotta could dislodge and fall down on those below, causing serious harm or even death. For this reason, some local authorities require periodic facade inspections. Legal requirements aside, maintaining a safe structure is always a good idea for a host of reasons. Today, drone mapping has made the case for regular facade inspections, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more in this Inside Unmanned Systems Magazine piece:

Topics: drones, mapping, facades, city regulations, safety, Texas Drone Company, Connexicore a Volatus Company

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