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Law-Tech Connect™ is our trademarked brand of techno-legal content including continuing legal education events and legal copywriting.

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We connect people who have a passion for advanced tech platforms with full spectrum policy-relevant information to propel their companies and to do global good. Our services include creating strategic plans, relevant plans, policies and programs on the cutting edge legal-tech issues, with an emphasis on unmanned aircraft systems including advanced air mobility, urban traffic management, eVTOL aircraft, vertiports, unmanned underwater vehicles and automated driving systems; delivering unique Law-Tech Connect™ continuing education programs that partner with academia, the legal ecosystem, technical programs and commercial expos; providing expert presentations and publications on tech legal & policy issues; editing others’ work on tech topics; strategic consulting and advocacy coaching. I also host the NEW Dawn of Drones podcast!  Take the first step to take your enterprise to the next level and change the world by contacting us now!

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The Dawn of Drones is our weekly podcast presented by UAS/AAM global news leader DroneLife. Join us every Wednesday at 11 am ET here!

  • Strategic Consulting, Planning Policy Development

  • Conference Planning & Execution

  • Law-Tech Connect™ Continuing Legal & Other Education

  • Expert Presentations​, Publications & Podcasts!

  • ​Editorial Services​ & Writing Enhancement

  • Advocacy Coaching & Training


To connect people and companies who are passionate about advanced tech platforms with the plans, policies, programs, and information they need to succeed.


To be the premier international resource within the advanced tech ecosystem, developing policy, planning and programming solutions to fuel the innovation that will forge a better future for us all.


The idea of the 3Ps - Purpose, Passion & Purity originated from my TedX  "Life and leadership, from a Lawyer". The 3Ps inspired the company name, P3 Tech (albeit different Ps - People, Platforms, Policies) and continue to inspire everything we do in this company. The 3Ps have become our core values.

  • Purpose - Laser-focused on the mission - We move the UAS/AAM/UAM market forward by providing an unsurpassed quantity and quality of information that lifts global companies and individuals who are making a difference

  • Passion - Living out what moves us, what matters - We educate and advocate about the issues, topics & causes that are meaningful to us and the global tech industry - equality, diversity, inclusion, innovation, law, regulation, policy, professional development, infrastructure, safety, national security, homeland security, and leadership

  • Purity Authenticity always - We stay true to who we are and the virtues believe in, as we drive change and progress for our clients and the global industry - commitment, cooperation, diligence, excellence, honesty, honor, integrity, loyalty, justice, reliability, respect, responsibility, service, truth and trust