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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Blue and Green Autonomy Deals for Government

Some believe the passage of, and proposal of even more, anti-Chinese drone laws at both the federal and state levels will open the floodgates for made-in-the-USA autonomous drones and components. Considering that Chinese drones account for more than 75% of the U.S. drone market, many assumed banning them would generate opportunities for U.S.-made drone OEMs, and that the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Blue program was the yellow brick road to Oz. Where does Blue stand now? Are there other available avenues for OEMs to find their products a home in government agencies? Find the answers to these questions and more as we travel through the past and gaze into the future for the various paths to autonomous drone deals with the government.

Topics: Blue UAS Program, Blue UAS Framework, Defense Innovation Unit, drones, components, Carahsoft

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