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Why Should Drone Pilots Use Logbook & Fleet Management Software

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

In aviation, documentation remains a critical component in upholding standards and reinforcing required levels of operational safety. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires crewed aviators to maintain pilot logbooks. These documents attest to a pilot’s qualifications and experience. They must include annotations relating to the training and aeronautical experience used to meet certificate, rating, or flight review requirements and the recent aeronautical flight experience required to comply with Part 61. These documents should also represent what a pilot has accomplished after each flight. For drone pilots, although Part 107 does not explicitly require similar documentation, it does so indirectly. Given the above-mentioned context, what is the best way to manage all this required documentation? While paper logs can help, a digital support is commonly required, and log management software is the ideal solution.Read this whitepaper and learn more about the drone industry.

Topics: VOTIX, fleet management, log books, drone operations, softwar

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