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Valmiz™: Taking AI to a Higher Level for Law Firms

Just a few months ago, a lawyer and his New York-based law firm barely dodged sanctions from a judge, after submitting an artificial intelligence (AI) -assisted legal brief that contained six completely fictitious cases. The lawyer had used ChatGPT to help research the brief, but things went awry when the AI’s algorithm hallucinated some of the case law. In theory, AI can add value to virtually any profession, including the practice of law. However, as illustrated by the fake case brief, current AI models can also create potentially serious problems for attorneys and their firms, from an ethical standpoint. Learn more about how ASTN Group's Valmiz Augmentive AI can prevent these problems and make legal work more effective and efficient.

Topics: AI, legal practice, law firms, discovery, Valmiz, augmentive AI

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