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TruWeather Solutions: Beyond Ordinary

Despite significant advancements, the current weather observation network still lacks the data needed to effectively forecast weather in low-level airspace. According to an FAA-funded MIT Lincoln Lab study, currently only three percent of the United States has sufficient cloud height data and visibility data. Data about winds above the ground and cloud icing presents an even bigger challenge. Today, weather from the ground up remains the most significant and critical data gap for pilots and businesses.

TruWeather Solutions has been filling his low altitude weather “data desert.” In partnership with businesses, governments and other organizations, the company continues to build out a multi-domain weather sensor network, software and meteorological services to deliver the most accurate “nowcast” information to keep autonomous systems flying. Learn more in this White Paper:

Topics: Weather, low altitude, drones, AAM, sensor network, data desert, software, icing, operations, weather services, meteorology

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