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The Evolving Global UAS Threat Demands an Advanced Counter-UAS Solution

In an era where uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) continue to technologically advance, the potential threats they pose have become a significant global concern. D-Fend Solutions, a leading counter-UAS technology company, remains at the forefront of addressing these challenges. In a recent Dawn of Autonomy podcast, the company’s VP International, Amit Haimovich, a former pilot in the Israeli Air Force with 30 years of experience in air defense and aviation, discussed recent international UAS threats to illustrate how the UAS threat landscape keeps changing. He also discussed the innovative products his company offers to meet the worldwide demand to safely detect, identify, track, and mitigate these threats – and how his team intends to stay one step ahead of them, as they continue to evolve.

Topics: drones, counter-drone, international incidents, Asia, Germany, France, U.K., D-Fend Solutions, Amit Haimovich, EnforceAir, C-UAS

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