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Successful Drone Programs Put Safety First; USI Helps Them Do That

In this interview, Josh Olds, USI’s President & CEO, crewed and uncrewed aviator and maintainer, discusses how the company serves a wide range of companies, educational institutions, and other organizations by providing safety education, training, and certification. While USI provides basic-level training, it uniquely provides elite drone safety content that goes well beyond proficiency, a holistic platform to track the fleet and pilot readiness and insurance credits to use towards the different facets of the company’s offerings. Read on to learn how, with USI, you too can create industry leaders, innovators, visionaries, and aviators in your organization, together.

Topics: Safety, education, safety management systems, crew risk management, Part 108, beyond visual line of sight, certifications, training, drones, eVTOL, advanced air mobility, insurance

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