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Statewide Micro-Weather Services in North Dakota for Advanced Drone Ops: TruWeather and Meteomatics

Commercial and military drone operators unnecessarily cancel or delay an estimated 30 percent of all drone flights. The primary cause: inaccurate weather and wind hazard predictions based on a dearth of real time low altitude weather data. Grand Sky, a commercial uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) park located in Grand Forks, North Dakota plans to change that. Grand Sky is home to Vantis, a new mission and network operations center for the state-wide beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) system in North Dakota. Grand Sky has partnered with TruWeather Solutions, a U.S. micro-weather data and analytics company and Switzerland-based Meteomatics to launch the nation’s first state-wide micro-weather services to fill this critical weather data gap and increase flight time.

Topics: drones; uncrewed aircraft systems; UAS; weather; micro-weather; TruWeather Solutions; Grand Sky; North Dakota; Metomatics; satellites; GEO; LEO; low altitude weather; data gaps

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