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Smart Technology Is Key to Powering Autonomous Vehicles

Updated: Apr 27

As uncrewed vehicle operations become more complex and increasingly autonomous, smart technology plays a pivotal role in providing reliable command and control (C2), data protection and overall user situational awareness. Capabilities, such as mobile mesh networking, cloud management software, data links and cybersecurity functionalities, when combined with the right hardware, enable longer ranges, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and one-to-many (swarm) operations.

Mobilicom Limited, a provider of cybersecurity and smart solutions for drones, robotics, and autonomous platforms develops a holistic and integrated suite of smart components to support these advanced uncrewed missions, for both government and commercial users, even in the most challenging and inaccessible urban and rural environments. Let's take a closer look at Mobilicom and how its end-to-end field-proven smart solutions enable safe autonomous operations.

Topics: Mobilicom; cloud network management; mobile ground control stations; Skyhopper; datalinks; mesh networking; system engineering services

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