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Mines are Vital to the US Economy; Drones Have Joined the Crew

The global push toward clean and carbon-free electricity has ignited an unprecedented demand for responsibly sourced minerals. Today, critical minerals play an indispensable role in the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, semiconductors, solar panels, defense equipment, health care devices and countless other essential applications. Securing this strategic supply chain has elevated mining to a vital position in both our economy and national security. This has resulted in a forecasted need to substantially increase the responsible production of these resources. As mining operations ramp up, drones have joined the crew to help bolster safety. Read more about this in my latest for Inside Unmanned Systems Magazine:

Topics: mines, drones, robots, Unmanned Aerial Services, Vale, Rock Engineering, Exyn Technologies, Emesent, Flyability, SLAM, sensors, regulations

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