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Looking back to Look Ahead: The Top 5 Developments in the Drone Industry This Year

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Looking back on 2022, the drone industry had a banner year. Some of the big developments include positive movement on the regulatory front, commercial-off-the-shelf drones prevailed on the battlefield and some of the first-ever drone certifications. Will we see more of this in the year to come? This article provides a look back at this year’s Top 5 developments and related insights into what they might mean for the industry looking ahead.

Topics: Beyond visual line of sight, Aviation Rulemaking, BVLOS waivers, Percepto, Section 2209, commercial drones, Ukraine, Russia, BRINC, General James Poss, Remote identification rule, RID, RaceDayQuads, counter UAS, D-Fend Solutions, Matternet, Type Certification,

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