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Kongsberg Geospatial Provides Unparalleled Situational Awareness

In many cases, technology developed for, and used by, the military crosses over successfully into the commercial sector. This month on the Dawn of Drones podcast, we focus on such crossover tech, thanks to our sponsor, Kongsberg Geospatial. In this interview, the Kongsberg Geospatial’s Director of Business Development, Adam Robinson, explains the company’s niche in crafting precision software tailored for mapping, geospatial visualization, command and control and situational awareness for robust, real-time solutions. Robinson specifically spotlights Kongsberg Geospatial’s battle proven TerraLens® geospatial platform for defense-oriented applications.. Read on to learn more about the confluence of Kongsberg Geospatial’s precision software and the wide variety of its dual-use applications.

Topics: Kongsberg Geospatial, TerraLens, Adam Robinson, Geospatial, situational awareness, defense, military, software, dual-use, commercial technology, drones, robots

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