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High and Deep: Drones Impact Offshore Energy

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Offshore wind, petroleum and the power of the ocean itself all fuel the global energy market. Increasingly, companies use drones to inspect, protect and help secure the pipelines, turbines and other equipment that generate these critical marine-based energy sources. Yet the laws and regulations that govern drone use for this critical sector, both in the sea and the air above it, remain as murky as the waters in which they operate. Here, we explore the offshore energy sector, highlight drone applications within them and delve into the regulatory fixes that can take this lucrative market even higher…and deeper.

Topics: Offshore; wind; petroleum; ocean power; fuel; global energy market; drones; inspections; security; pipelines; turbines; marine-based energy; laws; regulations; sea; offshore energy sector; drone applications; Volatus Aerospace; U.S. Department of Homeland Security; U.S. Energy Information Administration; EIA; flare stacks; Honeywelll; VTOL; Deep Trekker; law of the sea; Sean Pribyl; James Kraska; US Navy; FAA; BVLOS

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