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From Mini Drone to Urban Air Mobility: NANCo Aero Flying Cars

Updated: Apr 27

Most humans have only traveled in two dimensions, and have yet to experience three dimensional, or vertical, travel. The New Age Nerds (NANCo) Aero Corporation intends to change that…at least for those living in Houston, Texas. The company hopes to demonstrate its first vehicle, which looks like a car but flies as a hybrid vertical take-off-and-landing (vtol) aircraft, in the next few years in the greater Houston area.

Topics: New Age Nerds Aero Corporation; NANCo; hybrid vertical take-off-and-landing (vtol) aircraft; Houston; research and development; R&D; ER Mini; ER Industry; Full Scale Rider; simulator; Shern Peters; mechatronics engineering; urban air mobility; UAM; advanced air mobility; AAM

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