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Fighting Wildfires with Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting

Updated: Apr 27

The United States (U.S.) is on fire… literally. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, this calendar year the nation has experienced 39,955 wildfires, two thousand plus more than the ten-year average (37,675). Thus far, 104 large fires have ravaged 2.4 million acres. Calfire lists the still-burning California Dixie fire as the second largest in the state’s history, having already destroyed 1,109 structures in its path. Two organizations, the Advanced Mobility Collective (“The Collective”) and Colorado’s Center of Excellence Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting (“COE”), have partnered up to combat this problem together, using networked advanced technology. Read all about it here. (Note: AMC is currently defunct but the COE is alive and well!)

Topics: National Interagency Fire Center; wildfires; Calfire; California Dixie fire; Advanced Mobility Collective; The Collective; Colorado’s Center of Excellence Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting; COE; networked advanced technology; firefighting research and development (R&D); operational testing; Forest Tech Center; FTC; Colorado.

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