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D-Fend Solutions: Enabling Counter-Drone “Proportional Policing”

Updated: Apr 27

Every day, drones improve lives, optimize operations, and transform societies. But a small portion of drone operators cause chaos, endanger lives, and pose a threat to safety and national security globally.

In this interview former British military officer and current UK Managing Director for D-Fend Solutions, Martin Broomhead, provides his unique Martin Broomheadperspective on counter-UAS challenges for today’s urban and sensitive environments in the UK and beyond. He explains how D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir, the company’s flagship precision and cyber-based drone detection, identification, tracking, and mitigation solution, helps a wide range of government and industry customers achieve “proportional policing”—a balanced approach to confront the ever-changing drone threat. Time and battle-tested (literally and figuratively), customers around the world have deployed EnforceAir in its various configurations to safely take over rogue drones and land them in a predefined zone with pinpoint accuracy.

Topics: D-Fend Solutions, Counter-UAS, EnforceAir, UK drones, UK policing, Martin Broomhead, drone threats, drone mitigation, cyber technology

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