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Clearing the Air: The Role of Drones in Methane Emission Detection and Mitigation

Methane, as a greenhouse gas (GHG), traps heat in the atmosphere and warms the planet. Capable of staying airborne for about 12 years, it accelerates climate change and acts as a precursor to health-harmful ozone at ground level. This article discusses how oil and natural gas companies, who face increasing environmental and social governance (ESG) pressure to be more environmentally conscious in their operations, have turned to drones for their comprehensive methane solution.

Topics: Methane, greenhouse gas, GHG, climate change, energy, oil companies, natural gas companies, environmental and social governance, ESG, methane solutions, drones, Clean Air Act, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Oil and Natural Gas Sector New Source Performance Standards, NSPS, OOOOa, QuadOa, Leak Detection and Quantification, LDAR, state law,

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