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Calling Robotics & Autonomy Companies To Join The Carahsoft Partner Ecosystem

Since its inception in 2004, Carahsoft has become the leading trusted government technology solutions provider. Lacey Wean, Carahsoft’s Director of Autonomy and Robotics, works with technology companies to assist with their government go-to-market strategy. In this interview, Wean discusses the value proposition for the vendors, customers and partners that Carahsoft serves, including technology manufacturers, government agencies and a large ecosystem of resellers, implementation partners, systems integrators and thousands of adjunct organizations and technologies. Carahsoft is always on the lookout for innovative companies, bringing fresh ideas, products and services to the government technology space. Read on to learn more about the Carahsoft partner ecosystem and how your organization can become a part of it.

Topics: Robotics, autonomy, Carahsoft, Lacey Wean, IT, government contracts

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