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Airspace Link: Framework, Friends & Digital Infrastructure

Updated: Apr 27

Since its inception in 2018, Airspace Link has been shaping the industry's future by aligning local communities and key stakeholders to advance safe uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) integration into the national airspace system.

The company’s flagship technologies, including the new cutting edge AirHub® Portal, support Part 107 pilots, hobbyists and government actors in sharing airspace safely and according to regulations across a wide range of specific use cases. Its UAS Integration Framework approach and passion for workforce development also help to grow the industry.

Whether you are from the government, commercial or recreational space, you will benefit from the information in this interview with Michael Healander, Airspace Link’s CEO and President. He provides deep insights into how the company supports UAS pilots, companies, government agencies - and the industry as a whole - through its various products, partnerships and thought leadership initiatives.

Topics: Airspace Link, UAS, drones, integration, digital infrastructure, UAS Integration Framework, Michael Healander, AirHub platform, Fly Safe program, AirHub Portal

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