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AIBOT: Creating AI-Defined Enterprise Drones And Air Taxis!

Founded in California in 2022, industry newcomer AIBOT is on a mission to revolutionize mobility by crafting a wide range of accessible, software-driven, high-performance aiEVTOL aircraft. In this exclusive interview, based on the first episode of this year's Dawn of Autonomy podcast (formerly known as Dawn of Drones), AIBOT’s Chief Engineer, John Clarkson takes us behind the scenes of AIBOT's remarkable journey, from the creation of a modest small drone to a groundbreaking 500 lb. electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Read on for an exclusive peek into the world of this dynamic startup, their game-changing aiEVTOL technology, and how it is set to reshape the future of aviation as we know it by turning the dream of flight into a reality for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

TOPICS: AIBOT, drones, air taxis, eVTOLs, AI, artificial intelligence, aviation, enterprise solutions

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