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A Portal Into the UAS Industry

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The number of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) in the United States continues to rapidly grow,

as do the regional, state and federal regulatory requirements to fly them. As the skies and rule

books become increasingly crowded, navigating both has become complex and, at times,


Over the past few years, Airspace Link has helped build out both the digital infrastructure to

support the safe use of UAS across government, commercial and recreational operators, as well as a framework to help align stakeholders to grow together. Its AirHub® products have

supported hobbyists, Part 107 pilots. advance operators, and government actors to share

airspace safely and according to regulations, across a wide range of specific use cases.

In effort to continue evolving with industry needs, Airspace Link has combined its AirHub® technology with its UAS Integration framework approach to provide a common platform for

both industry and government stakeholders through the AirHub® Portal. This one-stop-shop

application unifies all stakeholders with the tools they need on one platform.

Topics: Airspace Link, drones, drone integration, community engagement, local governments

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