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Check out my podcasts & drop in audio chats with some of the most prestigious organizations in law & tech! In addition to my NEW Dawn of Drones podcast, I hosted 26 episodes of Drones at Dawn and appeared on several others. I also continue to host several Clubhouse Clubs!  


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Join me in the DRONE LAW CONNECTIONS Club on Clubhouse weekly every Thursday at 1 pm ET for the latest on drone law, policy & regulations globally. These track my podcast topics and guests - so get an up-close-and-personal preview on Thursday of the following weeks podcast topic! Co-Hosts Maggie Schuster & Neddie Davis keep it real and special weekly guests keep the content relevant! Clubhouse sessions are NOT recorded.

Join me in the UAS COLORADO CHATS Club on Clubhouse the last Monday of every month at 1 pm ET to learn about the incredible drone companies, services, research and events happening in the Mile High state. Clubhouse sessions are NOT recorded.


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I hosted a weekly podcast called Drones at Dawn on emerging UAS/AAM platforms, use cases, and issues with me and my all-star guests - industry experts who will help you elevate your understanding of the latest developments impacting the industry and provide you with practical tips, lessons learned and best practices to elevate your business. I've also created a Patreon™ page so you can join a strong UAS/AAM community of interest, access the 26 recorded legacy episodes, other exclusive content and perks!


Advocacy and Education in the Drone Industry (Connexicore)
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Dawn Zoldi Discusses History, Philosophy, Military Career, Leadership, Education & DEI (STEMBlazers)
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Space Champion Interview (Ignited Thinkers)
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Dawn Zoldi of P3 Tech Consulting Shares Details of 2021 Women to Watch Global Awards (eVTOL Insights)
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Dawn Zoldi (Xeo Cast)
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Episode 69: Inside the FAA's Remote ID Ruling - Commercial Drone Regulations (InterDrone)
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Secrets of the Innovator, Session 3 (Juniper Unmanned)
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Will the Future of Drones Include DJI? (MarketScale Podcast, Adams & Reese)
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Remote Identification and the Roadmap for the Future: Drones in America (MarketScale Podcast, Adams & Reese)
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Drones in the Pandemic with Dawn Zoldi (American Bar Association Standing Committee on National Security & the Law)
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