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Law-Tech Connect Special Broadcast #5
Register (FREE) now to join us Tues, Oct 24th, 9am MT | 11am ET

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Register now for our special broadcast of the drones in war panel from our AUVSI Law-Tech Connect Workshop: Commercial Drones on the Battlefield - Implications to the Law of War. This all-star panel, led by Christopher Miller (Lt Gen USAF Ret.), includes: James Poss (Maj Gen USAF Ret. & CEO ISR Ideas), Charlie Dunlap (Maj Gen USAF Ret. & Dir. Duke Law Center for Law, Ethics and National Security), Melissa Ken (Maj, USAF, US Air Force Academy) and Brendan Groves (Skydio). While drones have appeared on battlefields before, something palpably different has taken place in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In an unprecedented grassroots effort, outside of military channels, global commercial drone manufacturers have either worked directly with NATO, Ukrainian defense officials or nonprofits to put commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and do-it-yourself hobby drones in the hands of military and volunteer forces. This panel explores the potentially profound implications of this use of COTS sUAS to the law of war… and to the security of our homeland. Sign up for access to this exclusive world premiere!

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