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DEI Efforts
We have partnered with Women And Drones and the Diversity Development Network of Canada (DDNC) on a series of DEI efforts, including the second annual Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) 2022 Survey.

Take the survey now and get the 2021 Survey Report (a $795 value free!)

This UAS/AAM Industry DEI Survey will provide the best insights into the status of DEI in the industry across a range of sectors in the market. Our 2021 efforts resulted in a 100+ page downloadable PDF report that combines survey findings and our proprietary research to establish the current DEI benchmark for the UAS and AAM industry. This is the only survey that specifically addresses DEI in the UAS and AAM industry. Prior to this effort, workforce composition research and reporting focused on the aerospace industry in general or the aerospace and defense industry. The survey specifically creates the diversity, equity and inclusion baseline for the UAS and AAM industry. We continue to seek to understand not only whether the UAS and AAM industry demographically resembles demographics similar to the general aerospace and aerospace and defense industries but also how industry participants viewed the current status, what DEI initiatives, programs and processes businesses and organizations within the industry have employed to bolster DEI, and which of those has been successful...or not.

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