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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just officially turned the page on its Integrated Pilot Program (IPP). On October 26, during a celebratory online three-year finale, it announced the next chapter: BEYOND—“BVLOS Expanding Your Operations Needing Drones.” And BEYOND is just one of many ongoing unmanned aircraft system test and evaluation (T&E) programs propelling the commercial UAS industry skyward. This article outlines what lies ahead in the T&E space. (*This article was featured in the Inside Unmanned Systems Magazine edition that was recognized the a Jesse Neal Award for excellence in Business to Business Journalism).

Topics: Integrated Pilot Program, IPP, BEYOND, BVLOS Expanding Your Operations Needing Drones, beyond visual line of sight operations, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, North Carolina Department of Transportation, FAA Test Sites, test and evaluation, T&E, research and development, R&D, Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence, ASSURE, UAS Traffic Management, UTM, UAS Traffic Management, UTM, Partnership for Safety Program, PSP, Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge, NASA, FAA, Tech Transfer and Transition, T3, Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research, NUAIR

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