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Multi-Agent Augmentive Artificial Intelligence: an Exoskeleton for Warrior Minds

A story that went viral on social media early in 2023 reportedly claimed that during a U.S. military artificial intelligence (AI) drone simulation, the AI targeted and killed the human drone operator. It had apparently determined the human had been interfering with its mission: in this case, to take out surface-to-air missile (SAM) threats. Although the military has since denied such a sim even occurred--with an Air Force official calling it a “thought experiment” rather than an actual test--according to Rommel Martínez, CTO of the ASTN Group (Austin, Texas), it doesn’t take a great leap of logic to imagine that this scenario could actually occur. Read on to learn about Valmiz, an Augmentive AI, that ASTN Group has designed to be an exoskeleton for warrior minds - not the catalyst for unit destruction:

Topics: AI, military, UAS

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