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From Blue to You: Doodle Labs Brings Blue Framework Smart Radios to the Commercial Sector

Dual-use technologies have both federal and non-federal applications. A wide array of federal programs exist that create public-private partnerships to advance the technologies which benefit both the warfighter and the commercial sector. The Defense Innovation Unit’s (DIU) Blue UAS program remains notable among these for the uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) industry. It enables the rapid prototyping and scaling of capable and secure commercial UAS hardware and related tech for the Department of Defense (DoD). Its subset Blue Framework effort, now in its 2.0 iteration, specifically focuses on interoperable UAS components and software.

Topics: Doodle Labs, Defense Innovation Unit, DIU, dual use technology, smart radios, Helix Smart Radio, Blue Framework, ModalAI, VOXL autopilot, Auterion, Q Ground Control, Command and Control, encrypted, mesh network, DroneUp, Watts Innovation

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