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Draganfly Drones: Designed To Protect & Defend The Homeland & Battlefields Globally

Updated: Apr 27

Drones are changing the face of battlefields and homeland response. Take war-related demining as one example. Traditional methods involve people walking through fields with sticks. That’s time consuming and dangerous. It will take 20 or more years to demine Ukraine. Every day of war adds about 30 days of the mining work that has to occur later. Drones can help pinpoint the location of mines and provide a guide for safe passage.

Pivoting to the homefront, statistics indicate that 12 to up to 30 percent of 9-1-1- calls are returned as false alarms. Sending out a drone as a first responder can provide first eyes on any situation. This situational awareness data can alleviate the need to send an ambulance, police or fire response unit in the case of a real false alarm.

Draganfly has focused its hardware and software designs specifically for these, and related, use cases, in its effort to help protect and defend the homeland and battlefields across the globe. In this interview, Cameron Chell, CEO and President of Draganfly, provides his perspective on how the company supports militaries overseas and public safety and law enforcement operations at home through its end-to-end solutions.

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