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A Good Day for the Blues?

Uncrewed aircraft systems have helped stave off Russia’s invasion of Ukraine despite Russia’s five to one advantage in regular military manpower and at least 10-fold advantage in conventional airpower. At the same time, UAS remain vulnerable to foreign cyber interference. The U.S. Department of Defense already has, in part, addressed this problem through the Blue UAS program, which it defines as a “holistic and continuous approach to rapidly prototyping and scaling capable and secure commercial UAS technology for the Department of Defense.” Given the importance of UAS technology in today’s fight, perhaps it’s time for all of us to sing the “Blues.”

Topics: Ukraine; commercial drones; military drones; Defense Innovation Unit; DIU; Blue UAS; cyber security; warfare; Quantum Systems; Draganfly; Volatus Aerospace; China; Promodrone; DJI; Section 848 FY20 NDAA; Congress

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